Shul Partnership Opportunities - 5781

Your support, especially at this auspicious time of year, is a main source of funding that ensures the continuation of essential shul services.  


"In the merit of your generous participation, may you and your family be blessed with the brachos reserved for those who support the synagogue community:  those who make available places for communal prayer, those who come there to daven, who give money for lighting and wine for kiddush and havdalah, meals for guests and tzedakah to the needy, and those who faithfully occupy themselves with community needs...May HaKadosh Baruch Hu repay you in full, remove from you all afflictions, heal you, forgive your transgressions, and send brachah and hatzlacha to all of your good endeavors."   -Shabbos Siddur  

Partnership Options:
Shul partnerships are tax-deductible and may be paid in monthly installments (for 12 months) or in one annual contribution.

CHAI Partnership - $180 per month (or $2160 annually)
Includes one kiddush sponsorship and one shul locker

SILVER Partnership - $100 per month (or $1200 annually)
Includes one shul locker

FAMILY Partnership - $54 per month (or $648 annually)

FRIEND Partnership - $36 per month (or $432 annually)

SUPPORTER Partnership - $18 per month (or $216 annually)

Or contribute at any level of your choosing.

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