Dear Shul Family Member,


As we approach the holy days of Tishrei, we take this opportunity to remind you of the many programs our Bnei Ruven kehillah offers throughout the year, including:


Daily Davening  ●  Shabbos and Yom Tov Davening  ●  Children’s Programming

Shiurim of All Kinds  ●  One-on-One Learning  ●  Social Events

Rabbinical Counseling  ●  Monetary Assistance to Individuals & Families

It is your support, through the purchase of seats and membership, especially at this auspicious time of year, that is one of the main sources of funding for these worthwhile programs. While membership dues do not cover all expenses, they do go a long way to supporting these essential shul services.  

In the merit of your generous participation, may you and your family be blessed with the brachos reserved for those who support the synagogue community: those who make available places for communal prayer, those who come there to daven, who give money for lighting and wine for kiddush and havdalah, meals for guests and tzedakah to the needy, and those who faithfully occupy themselves with community needs... May HaKadosh Baruch Hu repay you in full, remove from you all afflictions, heal you, forgive your transgressions, and send brachah and hatzlachah to all of your good endeavors!


* This year, for your budgeting and payment convenience, we offer several levels of membership and can also make monthly payment arrangements.  Please complete the attached Partnership Opportunities form (Click here for the form) and return to the Bnei Ruven office (BneiRuven@gmail.com).  * Please note that all are welcome, appreciated, respected, and treated equally in shul at all times—including High Holiday davening—regardless of whether or not they are able to pay partnership dues.  The attached form is simply a structure for those who are able to pay to follow—to help the shul cover costs for the various services, shiurim and assistance we provide.  And to those who are indeed able to pay—we ask that you consider this as any other important expense to ensure the continuation of the shul.    


One-time annual payments can be made online at http://www.bneiruven.org/donate, via PayPal by clicking here, by calling the office, by entering credit card information into the partnership form or by sending a check to Bnei Ruven, 6350 N. Whipple, Chicago IL 60659. Cash and checks are preferred as they do not incur a processing fee.


Thank you again.  May we all be zocheh to a ksivah ve’chasimah tovah with Moshiach now.


Rabbi and Mrs. Baruch Hertz

Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Markowitz