Women's Mikvah

Confidential Online Appointment Form

** Scroll down to make your online appointment.  Appointments are accepted in the form below up until MIDNIGHT the evening before your scheduled appointment.  **Please note that if you do not see an appointment available in the form below for Motzei Shabbos, call Mrs. Menucha Gershon for that evening and she will accommodate you: (773) 991-1663


For earliest time to toivel, please click here for tzeis times. 

** This form is completely confidential--however if you prefer not to provide your last name or email address for confirmation, "n/a" will suffice (the field just requires some text).  A first name and phone number are important should unforeseen adjustments need to be made.


** For SAME-DAY appointments ONLY, you must contact the attendant on duty directly:  

Current Substitute

Sunday, November 17th, Naomi Homnick 317-847-6234

Monday, November 18th, Miriam Sarah Rosenberg  (872) 242-6973 Call only-no texting

Tuesday, November 19th, Bracha Rivkin 773-965-5221

Wednesday, November 20th, Chana Binn 773-319-1685

Tuesday, November 26th, Bracha Rivkin 773-965-5221

Regular Mikvah Attendant Schedule: 

Sunday ~ Frumma Kulek  (773) 319-1685

Monday ~ Chana Binn  (773) 580-4375 

Tuesday ~ Judi Superstein  (773) 896-3377 

Wednesday ~ Miriam Sarah Rosenberg  (872) 242-6973 Call only-no texting

Thursday ~ Chana Binn  (773) 580-4375

Friday ~ Esther Rena Grossman  (773) 849-5601

Motzei Shabbos ~ Michal Elkins  (312) 493-6347

* If you have any questions or issues with the online form below, please contact our mikvah appointment system administrator, Mrs. Menucha Gershon:  Text or leave a secure voicemail at (773) 991-1663.