Women's Mikvah

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** Notice regarding COVID-19**  

Our women's mikvah remains open for our Bnei Ruven mikvah users under adherence to strict guidelines and precautions.

You may not use the mivkah if:

  • You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 OR are suspected to have the virus

  • You have otherwise been instructed to be in quarantine

  • You have any symptoms of illness including cough, body aches, runny nose, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, diarrhea

If any of the following apply to you and you have not already consulted with Rabbi Hertz, you must do so before using the mikvah

  • You share the same living space with someone who has confirmed COVID-19 or your husband is presenting with mild symptoms

  • You have been exposed to a person with known or suspected COVID-19

  • You have traveled in the past 14 days

All others may attend the mikvah; however all preparations including final shower must be done at home.  When you arrive at the mikvah, just re-comb your hair and re-inspect yourself before immersion.  Dip one extra time, like Friday night. 

If you do not have a bathtub at home, ask your Rav how to prepare properly at home.

Anyone with any additional questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Chanie Hertz at (773) 662-6744.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

May the great mitzvah of mikvah protect us from all health risks!

** Scroll down to make your online appointment.  Appointments are accepted in the form below up until MIDNIGHT the evening before your scheduled appointment.  

**Please note that for Motzei Shabbos appointments, if you don't find any available times online,  please call Mrs. Menucha Gershon and she will accommodate you: (773) 991-1663

For earliest time to toivel, please click here for tzeis times.

** This form is completely confidential--however if you prefer not to provide your last name or email address for confirmation, "n/a" will suffice (the field just requires some text).  A first name and phone number are important should unforeseen adjustments need to be made.


** For SAME-DAY appointments ONLY, you must contact the attendant on duty directly:  

Current Substitutions

Motzie Shabbos, February 20th - Chana Binn  (773) 588-6943

Regular Mikvah Attendant Schedule:

Sunday ~ Frumma Kulek (773) 319-1685

Monday ~ Chana Binn  (773) 588-6943

Tuesday ~ Judi Superstein  (773) 896-3377

Wednesday ~ Miriam Sara Rosenberg  (872) 242-6973  Call only-no texting

Thursday ~ Chana Binn  (773) 588-6943

Friday ~ Esther Rena Grossman  (773) 849-5601

Motzei Shabbos ~ Michal Elkins  (312) 493-6347

* If you have any questions or issues with the online form below, please contact our system administrator, Menucha Gershon to text or leave a secure voicemail

at (773) 991-1663.