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Women's Mikvah

Since the mid 1990’s our community has been blessed to have beautiful mikvahs adjacent to the shul complex (accessible from Whipple St.). Our mikvahs are constructed according to the highest halachic standards, following the bor al gabbai bor design, under the direction of Rabbi Baruch Hertz.

Please scroll down for important mikvah updates & to make your online appointment.

**IMPORTANT Updates:**

The Bnei Ruven women’s mikvah is now closed except for Friday night appointments and Yom Tov evenings (with another small community mikvah available for our use in the interim ~ please see details below).  This is due to B"H construction to expand and build a new shul/school campus for Bnei Ruven and the Lubavitch Girls High School. 
Please note that entrance to the Bnei Ruven mikvah (for Friday & Yom Tov appointments) is only via the men's mikvah entrance on N. Whipple St. via the code posted by the door.  Scroll down for our online form to make appointments.  

Although the construction impacts use of the women's mikvah, we have provided other options (see below) and are utilizing this time to renovate and modernize the current Bnei Ruven Mikvah.

Chabad chassidim are very particular about using a bor al gabei bo
r mikvah wherever possible for its halachic advantages. (Click on this link to read more about it.)  A small bor al gabei bor mikvah has been recently completed under the supervision of Rabbi Hertz.  We are thankful that this beautiful mikvah at 2649 W. Jarlath St. is available exclusively for our community during the interim time for 30 minute shower appointments made via the form below (scroll down to make your appointment).

Alternative weekday options for Lubavitch bor al gabei bor mikvahs are:

  • Glenbrook Mikvah, 3465 Techny Road, Northbrook, Illinois - 847-278-2939

  • Central Avenue Synagogue, 874 Central Avenue, Highland Park, Illinois - contact by text, Michla Schanowitz 847-602-2418

  • The City Mikvah-Mikvah Mei Daniel, 1632 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois - Contact Sara Moscowitz 773-494-9630

Other local mikvah options:

  • Touhy Mikvah, 3110 W. Touhy, Chicago, Illinois Call Automated Phone Reservation System 773-274-7425 or visit

  • Kahal Chassidim Mikvah, 2937 W. Pratt, Chicago, Illinois. Call Automated Phone Reservation System 773-274-7425 or visit

For any general questions, please call Mrs. Chanie Hertz at 773-662-6744.

Thank you


* For SAME-DAY appointments ONLY, you must contact the attendant on duty directly.  (If you do not see an attendant listed for your same-day appointment, please contact Mrs. Menucha Gershon at 773-991-1663):

Current Substitutions to our Regular Schedul

Friday, June 21st:  Esther Laber (773) 807-8341

Sunday, June 23rd:  Chana Binn (773) 580-4375


Regular Mikvah Attendant Schedule: 

Sunday:  Please see above for current attendant

Monday:  Chana Binn  (773) 580-4375

Tuesday:  Judi Superstein (773) 896-3377

Wednesday:  Miriam Sara Rosenberg  (773) 949-1879

Thursday:  Chana Binn  (773) 580-4375

Friday:   Please see above for current attendant (please check back if not yet posted)

Motzei Shabbos:  Michal Elkins  (312) 493-6347

* Appointments are accepted in the form below up until MIDNIGHT the evening before your scheduled appointment.

* Please note for Motzei Shabbos appointments, if you do not see an available time online, please call Mrs. Menucha Gershon and she will accommodate you: (773) 991-1663.
For earliest time to toivel, please click here for tzeis times.

* This form is completely confidential; however if you prefer not to provide your last name or email for confirmation, "n/a" will suffice (the field just requires some text).  A first name & phone number are important should unforeseen adjustments need to be made.

* If you have any questions or issues with the online form below, please contact our system administrator, Menucha Gershon to text or leave a secure voicemail: (773) 991-1663.

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